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We are open!

Can Do Crieff is part of a new way of working. More and more people are reluctant to travel to a busy central office every day, using public transport or driving long distances. More and more employers are open to their employees working from home some or all of the time. Many people in Strathearn work for themselves, often running their business from home. But not everyone has a good home office set up, or enjoys it – maybe it’s too noisy, too quiet, too cramped or maybe the internet connection is just too slow!

Can Do Crieff is the best of both worlds with superfast broadband, clean, comfortable desks and a friendly yet calm and professional atmosphere – working from home but not at home!

We reopened on 7th September. We’ve carried out a risk assessment and put new procedures in place to keep everyone safe, give our members the confidence to return and encourage others to consider coworking in Crieff. 

It’s been great to welcome back our members and we’d love to see some new faces too so if you are interested in coworking in Crieff, let us know. You can even have a day working from Can Do Crieff free of charge to get a feel for the space before you decide if you want to join. If you have any questions, or if you would like to book in, get in touch

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