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Can Do Crieff is a community led space which means everyone involved contributes to maintaining, sustaining and growing it as a place to meet, work and share. We all have different ways of working, different needs and different points of view which is fantastic and the main reason why co-working works! It is also why it’s important to agree a protocol for being in our shared space so that together we create a supportive, fair, safe and nurturing environment.

So, when you join Can Do Crieff, you agree to the following:

  • Respect your co-workers, their space, their points of view and their stuff
  • Tidy up after yourself. There is no washing up fairy!
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum so as not to disturb others. Take heated conversations outside and wear headphones if listening to music (not all of us love heavy metal!)
  • Meetings shouldn’t disturb others who are working in the co-working space so either book a meeting room or take your meeting out to one of the many coffee shops in the town (they all do fabulous cake too!)
  • Be vigilant and let the Space Manager know if you see anyone or anything suspicious or a bit unusual
  • Responsibility for your own stuff, if something is precious or very expensive, take care of it
  • Be interested in what others are doing, collaboration often springs from chance conversations
  • Whilst co-working and collaboration is what we’re all about, be sensitive to overselling or soliciting work from others when there is no invitation
  • Paying the agreed fees on time. Money makes the world go round after all!
  • Healthy debate is great. Listen to your co-workers and seek to understand their point of view if there is disagreement. If issues can’t be resolved agree to disagree or raise your concerns with the Space Manager
  • Be mindful of your environment and everyone’s comfort and safety, if something needs done (e.g. replacing the toilet roll), do it!
  • Contribute ideas about how we can improve the space. Don’t wait to be asked, it’s your space
  • Welcome everyone into the space regardless of age, gender, nationality, occupation, appearance or anything else
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